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Ashwaganda tea is made from the Chinese herb, which is also referred to as winter cherry. It can be safely drunk by most everyone, but is not recommended for use by women who are pregnant. When you are buying ashwaganda but are buying it in the capsule form of winter cherry, make sure that what you are getting is actually ashwaganda and not another herb that goes by the name of winter cherry. The name for this other herb is Physalis alkekengi.

When choosing herbal tea, Ashwaganda tea is a good choice for anyone who is under a lot of pressure at home or work or has a stressful job. This tea is very beneficial for promoting a relaxed state of mind. The herb is sometimes referred to as “India’s ginseng,” because it is used for medicinal reasons by practitioners of Ayurveda. It is an excellent remedy for low levels of energy, but does not have the adverse side effects that many people experience from caffeine. Some Ayurvedic practitioners recommend that their patients drink 1 cup of the herbal day each day to gradually increase their levels of energy naturally.

Although Ashwaganda tea may be drunk as a beverage everyday by most people, practitioners of alternative medicine caution their patients against drinking the tea if they have a history of high blood pressure, because it could elevate the pressure even more. For people who drink the tea on a regular basis, it is recommended that they drink a cup of the tea once a day for approximately 6 months, but no longer. A three month break is advisable before starting to drink the tea again. Long term use of the tea is quite beneficial for keeping people who are stressed in a more calm and relaxed state.

One of the more interesting facts about Ashwaganda tea is that it is especially beneficial for anyone who has been exerting themselves or after getting a good workout. The best part of drinking the tea is that even though it will gradually raise energy levels, it isn’t a stimulant like caffeine and doesn’t have caffeine-like side effects. Some people like to drink the tea at night before they retire because it can also help to provide a good night’s sleep. This is good news for anyone who suffers from insomnia. The tea helps to rejuvenate the system after exertion but is still calming. This seems to be the case especially for men who drink the tea on a regular basis.

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The benefits of tea has an incredibly wide range of uses due to the various teas we can create. You should always look for information on organic teas, genuine plants, and flowers to really learn what tea can do for you. Ashwagandha Tea is one of many teas that can substantially increase your health.